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Why choose FBC?

We are fundraisers. We speak your language, we can relate to your challenges, and we focus on Raiser’s Edge for the “real world”. Our clients know that Raiser’s Edge is a fantastic fundraising tool, but it is only a means to an end. The true end is the donors, their gifts and the rewarding relationship they enjoy by helping others through your organization.

How can I justify the cost of hiring FBC?

Year after year you need to raise more money. FBC’s Raiser’s Edge optimization is guaranteed to inspire stronger donor relationships that enable you to increase donor retention and the average gift amounts, convert more donors to Monthly Giving, and build your mid-level giving file. It will also enable you to identify, cultivate, and successfully solicit Major Prospects more quickly.

What territory do you cover?

We serve Canadian and US clients.

Do you work with systems other than The Raiser's Edge?

We are a Blackbaud Consulting Partner that works exclusively with The Raiser’s Edge.

As members of the Raiser’s Edge NXT “Insiders” group we are eagerly learning everything we need to know to help our clients transition quickly, and seamlessly to this exciting new product.

We are also building strong relationships with complementary Blackbaud Partners we can confidently recommend whenever our clients need assistance to leverage their investment in any other Blackbaud Product.

Can you help us import data?

Absolutely! We regularly develop and implement strategies for importing huge volumes of data into The Raiser’s Edge. We know you need 100% of your supporter information in Raiser’s Edge, fast. That’s what we deliver.

Will you need remote access to our Raiser's Edge?

Remote access is not essential but it can substantially reduce our project fee.

How do you establish your project fee?

Our fee will depend on the scope of work, personnel assignments, your location, availability of remote system access, and deadline for completion. We strive to strike a balance between efficiency, economy, and client preference regarding on-site versus remote work. Reasonable out-of-pocket expenses for travel, accommodation, and meals will be charged at cost.

Who should attend Raiser's Edge training?

In addition to core users from the Development department there is a huge benefit to introducing executive assistants and senior staff to Raiser’s Edge. They are often in contact with key supporters and privy to very valuable information. The more they understand about Donor Relationship Management the more likely they are to pass that information on. Executives who can knowledgably relay progress, answer questions from the Board of Directors, and approve funding for future Raiser’s Edge related projects.

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