High quality donor data is a not-for-profit’s greatest asset.

And the reverse, its greatest liability.

Poor or fragmented donor data undermines every fundraising initiative.

Which is why regular data audits, and swift remedial action are essential.

If your data is less than stellar, we implore you to act now. 

FBC’s deep data cleanse

Clean, complete, consistent data saves time, money, and – most importantly –  drives flawless segmentation and superior donor stewardship.

It is key to all fundraising success.

We offer two standard data cleansing packages:

  • Basic – Individuals and Organizations. 
  • Deluxe – As per Basic,  plus Spouses and Contacts.

We are also equipped to undertake Custom data cleansing projects of all types.

Cost/value comparison

Any generic data service will offer you a lower data cleansing rate than we can, but please bear in mind that our painstakingly developed donor-centered process will deliver between 50% (Basic)-75% (Deluxe) greater data enhancement. 

Plus, our data service fees include taking full responsibility for selecting, exporting, re-importing and verifying the final quality and accuracy of all cleansed data.

Call now to request full package details, or to discuss your unique data challenge.