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Will raise your fundraising to the next level

FBC is the difference between the funds you raised and the funds you could have raised


Optimize Raiser’s Edge NXT with FBC and levergage the full power of your #1 asset – your donor information.

Fiona Brown Consulting (FBC) is proud to be the independent leader in Raiser’s Edge NXT optimization for national, provincial, and local organizations .

Why FBC?

Clients who engage FBC are eager to optimize Raiser’s Edge NXT in under 6-months, for a pre-set project fee, with minimal disruption to day-to-day fundraising, and zero long-term overhead.

Make one call to FBC. Let us take it from there.

Gain a deeper understanding of your donors

How well do you know your donors? Raising money is a competitive business. Good donor relations and a deeper understanding of your donors are critical for success. FBC enables organizations to truly understand their donors’ interests, their passions, their preferences, and their relationships. This 360° knowledge of a donor can be used to plan and deliver exceptional donor experiences, nurture life-long loyalty, drive increasing generosity, and achieve spectacular, sustainable, fundraising performance.

Good organizations know their donors. Great organizations use that knowledge to build strong donor relationships and drive exceptional fundraising.

Access critical donor information

Excellence in fundraising begins with having access to key donor information. FBC ensures that organizations have confidence in their data – the right information, gathered in the most efficient way, available at your fingertips.

Access to quality donor information is the foundation of successful fundraising. It’s not what you know. It’s how you leverage what you know!

Vault your strategies and campaigns to a higher level

Align your organization’s online and traditional fundraising programs, build strategic and cost effective capital campaigns, maximize annual and monthly donor giving potential with help from FBC.

Our consultants are professional fundraisers working with fundraising organizations. We know the challenges that not-for-profits face every day.  With each project, we bring a unique blend of Raiser’s Edge technical expertise together with real world, fundraising know-how. It’s just one of the reasons we deliver the gold standard for Raiser’s Edge NXT optimization that fuels strategic fundraising planning and implementation.